Project DocControl Features

Project DocControl includes dozens of powerful, field-tested features. All aspects of the system mirror the way subcontractors run their projects.

These features include:

  • Request for Information: Generate and track RFIs quickly and branded with your own company logo. Track response times and average turnaround times per project. Get notified when replies are overdue. And easily link RFIs to other relevant documents or drawings, so you have all information related to an issue at your fingertips.
  • Submittals: Project DocControl dramatically simplifies one of the most painful processes for subcontractors today. Create all your project submittals in one location. Attach cut sheets and drawing directly to your submittal log. And automatically track submittal status, responses, approvals, turnaround time, revision requests and more.
  • Transmittals: Generate letters of transmittal within seconds, and link your transmittals to all relevant documentation for a rock-solid audit trail.
  • Correspondence: Create and track all project correspondence, including email. Build and manage your own customized MS Word and Excel correspondence templates. And use Project DocControl’s MS Outlook add-in to automatically add project-related emails to the appropriate correspondence log.
  • Change Order Requests: Project DocControl ensures that billable work never falls through the cracks. The system enables you to easily track all CO requests (including cost details) on a project-by-project basis.
  • Pay Applications: Project DocControl helps you streamline your pay applications process by allowing you to create and update each schedule of values more easily. You can even import GC-required pay application forms and have the system auto-fill all the required values and information.
  • Executive Dashboard: Get a top-down, visual overview of risks and opportunities company-wide. Charts and graphs make it easier to find items that need attention. And drill-down capabilities allow you to find the root cause of a problem quickly.
  • Phone Conversation Log: Track important conversation summaries when needed. And tag important issues for follow up or further action.
  • Equipment Rental: A simple-to-use equipment tracking module that gives you instant visibility into where rented tools and equipment are being used. Track rental periods more easily and keep better track of rental costs.
  • Daily Reports: A powerful way to track daily activity and flagged items on a jobsite. Learn more about this new daily reports module, which is now included with your Project DocControl license purchase.
  • Equipment/Tool Tracking: Log and track physical assets, including serial numbers, costs, maintenance schedules — including where they’re located and when they’re scheduled to come back.
  • Subcontract Contracts: Track and manage all contracts and contract details with your subcontractors.
  • Drawing Log: An easier way to log and track critical drawings and drawing revisions.
  • Meeting Minutes: Track meeting details on project-by-project basis. Tag important issues for follow up or further action.
  • File Attachments: Attach and import any file to its related documents in Project DocControl. This makes it easier to reference all items associated with an issue or concern — and to have it all in one centralized location.