Frequently Asked Questions

What does Project DocControl do?

Project DocControl is a document management solution that increases productivity and improves processes and accountability. With Project DocControl, clients can track Requests for Information (RFIs), submittals, change orders, emails, correspondence, pay applications and more.

Who uses Project DocControl?

Project DocControl is designed for all specialty and trade contractors that need a way to document their projects better and faster. Our clients encompass all specialty trades, including electrical, mechanical, plumbing, painting, drywall, concrete and others.

If I enter a job into Project DocControl, will other users in my company be able to see it?

Yes, as long as you are accessing a centralized database — that is, from a server on a local network, you can access information from other jobs, as well as run reports across projects.

Is there a way to restrict what projects and modules a user sees?

Yes. Each user is assigned to specific projects, ensuring security on the project level. Additionally, module access is assigned on a user-by-user basis.

Can I email and fax documents directly from Project DocControl?

Yes. If you use Microsoft® Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus, or Groupwise, you can email documents directly from Project DocControl. You can also fax these documents using our system’s internal internet faxing service.

Does Project DocControl have an accounting module?

Project DocControl is a document management application that helps subcontractors better manage their project documentation and communications. At this time, it is not specifically designed to track project costs beyond payment applications, change orders and purchase orders.

What is Microsoft .NET?

Microsoft® .NET is a database solution used for the back-end database of Project DocControl.

What benefits does .NET provide?

.NET provides speed and connectivity over a VPN (virtual private network) connection. It also allows for web page interface, if set up with our development team. (Your web developer can create a web page that will interact with the database. Your web developer will need to work with our development team, at a fee, to configure the correct fields in the web page to connect to the correct fields in the database.)

How do I connect from a remote office?

You can connect to Project DocControl through VPN or a terminal server connection.

What is the “Divisional Database” option in Project DocControl?

The Divisional Database option gives you the opportunity to separate project and company information among multiple company divisions. It allows for different logos, company addresses, and maintenance table setup.