Document Management for Specialty Contractors

No one likes to manage paperwork all day long. But in today’s construction environment, project success demands that you stay on top of all project communications and documentation.

Unfortunately, using word-processing software, spreadsheets and three-ring binders for this task is time consuming. It’s also error prone and risky. Documents are rarely centralized in one location. And project files are often pulled from their locations and not returned promptly.

Document Your Projects in Half the Time

Project DocControl enables you to automate the process of creating and managing project documentation. Created for specialty contractors by specialty contractors, this unique system helps you increase productivity, reduce risk, enhance company image and improve accountability across your organization.

Project DocControl replaces stacks of three-ring binders and file folders, storing all project information and documentation in a secure, centralized database. This saves time, enables you to identify critical issues more easily and reduces risk.

So you can manage projects — not paperwork.

Success Stories

See for yourself. Discover how these specialty contractors have achieved real, tangible results with our system:

  • Project DocControl helps Gunby Construction avoid costly disputes, increase productivity and improve company image.
  • Haines & Kibblehouse uses Project DocControl to ensure all billable work gets tracked and invoiced.
  • Sitework and concrete contractor F.A. Rohrbach reduces project risk and improves claims resolution with Project DocControl.
  • Masonry contractor B.W. Dexter uses Project DocControl to streamline its project management process and improve employee productivity.

Industry Partnerships

Project DocControl is proud to be an active partner of ASA, ABC and other industry associations. If you are a member of any of these organizations, contact us to learn more about discount programs on your initial purchase.